LCAHA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing hockey to the Lewis Clark Valley. We offer programs to help players learn basic skills and have fun playing hockey.

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Youth Hockey Info   

LCAHA is affiliated with the Idaho Amateur Hockey Association and USA Hockey. Our Youth Hockey Programs are provided in accordance with USA Hockey. To learn more about USA Hockey and this amazing sport visit the USA Hockey Parent Community Online. A wealth of information and resources are available there to help parents new to the sport.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about youth hockey. If you have any additional questions, please contact .


What are the age groups?

Mites are our youngest group of players. Ages 4-8 and who are generally just beginning to play hockey and learn the basics of puck control, shooting, skating and participating on a team.

Squirts are the 9 and 10 year-olds.

Peewees are ages 11 and 12.

Bantams are ages 13 and 14.

Midgets are ages 15 through 18.


What are the goals of Mite Hockey?

The goal for Mite Hockey Players is to pickup basic skills and have fun playing hockey. Mite hockey players will learn how to skate forward, backwards, stick handling, puck control, pass the puck and shoot. They will learn teamwork and the basics of hockey. They will have a blast.


What equipment do I need?

Protective equipment is a important and all youth hockey players need the following: a helmet with face mask, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, hockey pants, shin guards, protective cup, stick and skates. See a video on getting suited up from USA Hockey.

The rink has a limited supply of initial gear available for rent to get new mite players out on the ice. While we do not have unlimited supplies, we will do our best to make sure every skater has the equipment they need. Ask about current local resources for purchasing equipment and we will help you in any way we can.


Is hockey safe for my child?

Youth hockey is relatively safe. This is especially true for our younger players such as Mites. No checking (intentional collisions or hitting) is permitted until they are Bantams (13-14). Incidental contact does occur. Each skater does wear protective equipment. Safety is a top priority and proper fitting equipment is required. Injuries can and do occur but studies have shown that hockey is quite safe for children, especially in the youngest age group.


Is youth hockey open to boys and girls?

Absolutely. Girls and Boys are both encouraged to play.


Does my child have to know how to skate to participate?

No. Many of our first year skaters have never even been on the ice. Our coaches are trained and certified to work with the youth on their skating ability, stick handling, puck control, passing and shooting. Most of all, we want the kids to have fun and they will quickly pick up the basics of skating.


What is the commitment level required for my child to play youth hockey?

We will have two or three 1-hour on-ice sessions per week. Generally each age group will have one or two evening practices during the work week and on Saturdays. Do to scheduling requirements and competing interests for time on the ice the schedule does change and advanced notice is given. Games are generally on Saturday and if there are games there will be no Saturday practice. The amount of travel varies greatly on age group and commitment of the team. Mites will only travel any further than Moscow a couple of times a year. As kids get older they will travel more frequently depending on commitment level and how many tournaments they choose to take part in. It is important that your child attend as many practices, scrimmages and games as possible though as their skills, especially at the younger ages quickly develop.


What is the time commitment for parents/guardians?

Parents and guardians need to be able to get their child to the facility. It is strongly recommended you get your child there at least 15 minutes early to ensure adequate time to get into their equipment, lace their skates and be ready to get on the ice. If you need assistance getting your Mite age child ready we ask you to get their earlier so coaches can be ready on the ice with skaters. We only have an hour of ice time so the team will not wait to start practice for late-comers. Also, LCAHA is a volunteer organization and we do ask for participation from our parents and guardians. Whether there's in interest in coaching, refereeing, or helping with fundraising and tournament efforts, this program just wouldn't exist without our many volunteers.

It is required of all volunteers who are in any way working with children to be screened through the Idaho Amateur Hockey Association. The cost is free and only takes a few minutes. See screening information from IAHA.


Who coaches the teams?

All coaches are volunteers that have gone through a standard background check as required by the Idaho Amateur Hockey Association. Coaches must also be certified by attending USA Hockey approved coaching clinics and complete required training modules.


When are practices and scrimmages?

Practices are currently scheduled for weekday evenings depending on your team and Saturday beginning in October or November. Scrimmages and other games will be announced as the season progresses.


I've heard about ADM (American Development Model) and what is it?

ADM is a new model that USA Hockey is pushing associations to adopt. Much of the intent is to make hockey more affordable, retain hockey players (especially in the higher age groups), develop skill, and most important Make Hockey Fun! There is a lot of good information on the ADM model on the ADM website


How long is the hockey season?

The season generally runs from the end of October or early November through early March.


Can I come to practice and check things out?

Definitely. Practices, scrimmages and games are open to anybody who wants to see what hockey is all about. Feel free to talk to the coaches after the practice or even talk to parents at the rink.


How do I register my child?

You will need to register your child with USA Hockey before registering for Youth Hockey. Please see our Registration Page for more information on registering your child. There is a fee for registration through USA Hockey for most age groups.


Is there travel involved?

For Mite hockey there will be very little travel. In keeping with the ADM Model (see we are very much looking to keep youth hockey affordable and enjoyable for our younger players. Our older (aged 7-8) and more experienced players may choose to travel for games to places such as Tri-Cities, Spokane, McCall or Moscow. However, many of our younger players and even many of our older players will likely only travel as far as Moscow.